Pure body textbut instead also include several subheadings (H H etc.). So that the search engines also understand that the text in question is content that is highly relevant with regard to the keyword in questionit is also advisable to include the and at the ginning of the text. In additionit is worth using so-call bullet points in the case of enumerations . These offer the reader the opportunity to orientate themselves even tter in the text and to grasp the content that is particularly important at first glance. The tter a text is structur and the more harmoniously the keywords are usthe tter the chances that the website will appear comparatively high up in the search results. Of coursethe reader also nefits from this.

Keyword in question in the subheadings

He can expect a clear structure and the opportunity – thanks to various subheadings and lists – to  able to orientate himself even tter.  but also images play Morocco Phone Number List an important role in  for ginners . This is an aspect that is unfortunately still underestimat by many website operators. For a fast loading time of the websitethe smallest possible file sizes are recommend. So that images are also taken into account when using search enginesit is importantamong other thingsto assign alt texts. These should  meaningful and reflect relevant keywords. A classic example: if a picture was post by a specific smartphone and NOT namthe search engine does not know which subject area or query the photo longs to. The result: it is ignor. So that this does not happenit.

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Optimize images Not only texts

Is important to pay attention to this detail in connection with the display of images on your own website. website A high level of user comfort and a good KY Lists ranking long together. This is particularly evident from the fact that pages that have en optimiz for mobile use – for example via smartphones – usually rank tter. Responsive design is essential for modern websites. More and more people are accessing contentsuch as news or online shopsconveniently while on the move. If you have to adjustzoom and pan the page fore readingyou will quickly come frustrat and switch to another website.

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