Of time and an abundance of information. Customers should be address on several levels according to their lucrativeness and purchasing power. The first step is to make contact using cost- and time-efficient online advertising. success but even if the advertising measure fails a contact has been made. If successful contact with the respective customer is of greater importance for example in the case of loyal existing customers it makes sense to use a print mailing as a second stepto fall back. Because of the first contact the curiosity-generating effect of a seal letter is further enhanc. In addition postal delivery signals the commitment.

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Of the company. Even if a first interaction does not lead to a purchase this should by no means be interpret as a understood as the beginning of the A Complete List Of Unit Phone Numbers customer journey. Implementation of a print mailing When implementing the print mailing various conditions formats and individualisations have to be coordinat and adapt. Printers and other service providers in the area of ​​copying and printing can therefore be consult to support the creation of print mailings . Thus the company’s own employees are reliev logistically and in terms of time. Working with an external service provider usually also ensures that you can.

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Meet high quality standards. Some providers also offer additional services that enable the planning and design of the print mailingsimplify even more.  even more contemporary. The Tieke printing and copying center for example offers an express service so that a high-quality mailing can be set up and sent at short notice. The print shop in Hamburg uses a digital KY Lists printing process for this. It represents a faster and more flexible alternative to classic offset printing with comparable quality. In connection with the in-house delivery service the quick implementation of orders is ensur. Campaign management seminar In our -day campaign management seminar you will.

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