Contact is also usually made via the website cause – in the st case – a contact form and contact details can found here.for B B companies to highly visible and rank high on relevant search terms. Only then do you have the chance to notic by potential customers and to generate leads . DIMWhy do you think is still not ing taken seriously by many B B companies Mr. KottmannWe have en observing for several years that search engine optimization is ing us half-heartly by numerous B B companies. Many companies still rely on classic.

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Advertising measures. However their effectiveness has decreas significantly – at the same or even higher costs. Search engine optimization and in the Norway Phone Number List next step search engine advertising have gain significantly in importance. DIMWhat engine optimization for B B companies Mr. KottmannAt Surplex we pursue a holistic strategy. Search engine optimization should not understood as a sprint or limit to a small sub-area. Then the success of the measures fails. I have five tips on how B B companies can approach and implement their effectively Analyze the search intent of the target group B B providers usually know who their target group is. You specialize in a few industries and know the current customer base But do you also know.

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How potential customers search for products services and providers In order to able to optimize your website you first have to know which keywords KY Lists make sense at all. So it is analyz which search terms the target group uses. The special feature in the B B areaThe target group usually consists of different decision-makers.during the analysis and subsequent optimization. Buyers HR managers managing directors think about which questions and concerns the individual personas havehave. Relevant terms with high search volume are then us as keywords for optimization. B B search engine optimization . Optimize the content of the website The content of the website is the -all and end-all for the search engine. You should define a keyword for the optimization per subpage and then optimize.

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