With various extensions and variants. You can choose between the following colors: Black anthracite dark blue R Furthermore it is possible to equip the notebooks with different lines. You can further enhance your notebook with the following options: Chevron checker Lin Increase the advertising impact with your personaliz notebook  can offer you other bookable extensions: Two-page advertising leaflet organizational set USB sticks In order to increase the advertising effect we recommend you to add the possibility of a two.

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Advertising leaflet This enables you to pass on the A hardcover notebook to customers and partners as an ideal advertising opportunity ineveryday Kuwait Phone Number List object. This adds an effective eye-catcher to the otherwise simple book and leaves a lasting impression. We would be happy to support you in designing your personal advertising leaflet! notebooks notebooks The organization set expands the high-quality notebook with two sticky notepads and a color set of sticky markers. This help allows you to put more emphasis on notes. In addition notes can be structur and mark in the book. With this extra you will always keep order In addition to these.

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Options it is also possible to emb USB sticks in the covers. These come in three colors: black r and gunmetal.search for the storage mium in your KY Lists pocket. The cover of the notebook can be emboss with motifs or your personal logo on the front and back. In contrast to printing this increases the value of the entire book. notebooks Take advantage of our special offer now! Buy hardcover notebooks in A format and only pay € plus VAT . Strike now! Study Stationary Retail : Sickel and Team conducts study in cooperation with DIMThe brick-and-mortar trade is in ne! – something like that is the headline these days when it comes to sales figures in brick-and-mortar.

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