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Develop a better understanding of the target groups. It is easier to put yourself in the position of the hypothetical person than to imagine the behavior of a whole group of people. With the persona profilesit is therefore easier to understand the wishesnes and problems of the target groups . This makes it possible to uncover and own product design or service. In additionproducts and services can be better adapt to customer requirements if you can correctly assess the nesdesires and motivation behind them. Please click here to accept marketing cookies and enable this content How are persona profiles.

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The number of persona profiles should generally be between three and seven. In most cases it is not sufficient to commit to one or two customer USA Phone Number List  groups. and nes of other customer groups are likely to go unnotic. This can lead to the remaining customer groups losing interest in the product. On the other handit should be not that not too many persona profilesto be creat. If the number is too highthe various persona profiles are usually too similar and should be merg. Iffor examplethe -year-old Sabine and the -year-old Dieter do not differ significantly in their wishesnes and problemsone of the two profiles should be delet.

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After selecting the relevant target groupsa person with a representative age and gender should be defin for each target group .  given a name and face KY Lists in order to make the target group more lively in the form of the persona. When creating the profile descriptionthe employees should put themselves in the fictitious person’s shoes andin relation to their own productconsider the following points What goals does the person have What is important to the person What desires does the person have What nes does the person have What problems does the.

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