Other fields  project and product management Tension tween operational sales and strategic thinking Advice negotiation and sales are three classic operative areas of responsibility of the key account manager.  have to  carri out at the same time. The future in KAM is no longer either orbut rather both and. . Multi-channel instead of focusing Multi-channel marketing is also coming increasingly important in key account management. While in the past only individual sales channels were manag by the current situation. 

Increasingly diverse analytical activities

Increasingly requires the simultaneous processing of different channels in accordance with the customer strategy. on the key account manager. E-Commerce – Combine Spain Phone Numbers List offline and online  also come more important at KAM. Consequently key account managers have to work on the offline communication and sales channels as well as the online channels. In particular since the offline channels hardly promise any growth while online sales channels are growing strongly. This also includes social selling in B B via the largest professional networks such as LinkIn or Xing. . Part of a whole Key account managers must  integrat into the overall strategy of their own company. The days of lone fighters are over.

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The subject of e-commerce has

Modern KAM links the selling center with the buying center. Networking is an important component in this. Modern key account managers are tter connect KY Lists than ever fore. . No KAM without CRM Big data is also arriving in sales. Modern key account management can no longer exist without customer relationship management CRM . Good CRM is a key success factor especially when it comes to linking teams and departments. . Social and social When developing from a sales employee to a key account manager social skills must  expand and given more differentiat weighting. Key account managers are more consultants. 

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