Product backlog items are identifi author further detail and remov throughout the project as previously describ. The feback from customers users and other stakeholders is us for this purpose. When creating the product backlog  development are collect and enter by the entire Scrum team and by the stakeholders. It is important to initially only sketch the entries and show the minimal product functionality. It helps to focus on the product vision. Details of the entries with the highest priority can  made in the next step. This leaves the product backlogclear and changes to the entries are easy to implement. fore a requirement is enter the customer ne should always  focus on. In this way only those requirements are enter that also.

The necessary entries for product

Contribute to product development. User Stories The requirements in the product backlog can  written in different ways.  with user stories. User stories Cambodia Phone Number List are stories that clarify how the product is intend to  us. Specifically a user story includes a name a brief narrative and acceptance criteria. There are C criteria to create a user story Card Conversation and Confirmation. User stories should  kept short and sweet. Card means that each user story can  mapp onto a paper card cause the requirements cannot  describ in the smallest detail in this way. User stories are not a communication method tween project memrs or tween project.

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One way is to write the requirements

Memrs and the customer. They are only intend to capture the meaning and statement of the requirements. stands for . Finally KY Lists confirmation means that every user story is measurable or testable. In this way the product owner can check the implementation of the entries. To structure the entries in the product backlog they are also group by topic. The topic blocks are then first structur according to priority and in the next step the structure of the entries within a topic is adjust according to priority. Since the product backlog quickly comes confusing with frequent iting and adjustments regular maintenance of the document is necessary. The product owner is responsible for.

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