Express their dissatisfaction and point out problems. A company can only respond to its customers and their nes if it gets to  them. Digital Brand Manager Process of a customer. Workshop A structural process of a customer. Workshop results from the following three phases. Preparation In the preparation the initial situation participants and goals of the customer workshop are clarifi and communicat in a way that everyone can understand. . Execution The customer workshop should not last longer than one or two days. Important in all planning is flexible management by the moderator who must recognize and steer the.

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Individual situation of the workshop. After a short round of introductions and a declaration of goals in the workshop the creative solutions are to be develop within a set framework. Group work often forms the core of customer workshops.  of the results and the determination of the most important ideas and innovative approaches that are to be pursu and expand in the future. This group work often alternates with discussion rounds within the entire group Taiwan Phone Number List of participants. Again creative methods can be us to encourage discussion and deep understanding. Tip: In the course of group work.

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Divide the participants into several subgroups that are as heterogeneous as possible in order to capture different perspectives. . Follow-up The knowlge KY Lists gain and the results present in the customer workshop should definitely be document and work out. In this way no ideas are lost and you can work sustainably to implement the ideas and innovations and integrate them into the company portfolio in the long term. In order to further strengthen customer loyalty and to be able to obtain feback on the innovations that have been implement up to a certain point in time or to a certain.

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