Development Long-term design development and the pursuit of every pixel increases the cost of the product. But what difference does it make what it looks like if it’s useless You ne to focus on the main thing. Irrational distribution of resources . of rucing the cost of development the miser pays twice and in the direction of increasing the cost excessive spending on unnecessary functionality and delaying the development time. Lack of feback analytics . Feback from customers is an extremely important step that helps to make the product tter. When creating an MVP  sure to listen to the opinions of users. Premature announcement . This is what many companies do. They say that there will  a feature uniqueness exclusivity.

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In practice the MVP is simple many add-ons are releas later or not releas at all. Don’t overestimate user expectations. Excessive enthusiasm for the Costa Rica Phone Number List philosophy of the application . An idea is good but sitting and thinking about it for days is bad. main principles of MVP development. Got a basic idea Implement it. Improvements can always  made later. By avoiding these mistakes and clearly following the step-by-step MVP development plan you will get a high-quality in-demand product. Or unclaim cause the role of a minimum viable product is precisely to show what the prospect of a business idea is and how it nes to develop.

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Examples technology is us not only by startups but also by large companies when launching a new product.  a niche see performance and get feback KY Lists from real customers. dropbox dropbox fore creating a full-flg product the company releas an MVP video clip in which it spoke in detail about the possibilities of cloud storage. The video quickly went viral on social mia and in a short time more than people subscrib to the company’s newsletter. The company realiz that their idea really works and made it a reality. Today the company’s capital is billion dollars. Facebook Facebook Almost all social networks.

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