What or who you want to analyze and address with your measures. That means you ne to define your target audience .  of people you want to address and reach. Who is your product aim at – young or old people especially women or men Descri your potential customer. Usually you refer to demographic and socioeconomic factors. low are a few examples of characteristics you can refer to Old Gender Residence Marital status income Socioeconomic Status Profession position ucation In the B B area there are also other carriers of characteristics and therefore other factors are relevant – such as the size of the company the.

Think about which people or groups

Location the industry and the like. Here you can find out which values ​​are of particular importance for dealing with B B companies or target groups. deal intensively Turkey Phone Number List with the characteristics of the target group that suits you. This specification ultimately serves to optimize your communication measures and products/services and forms the foundation of a professional and detail target group analysis . . The analysis data collection and characterization When determining and defining your target group the primary aim is to descri your potential customers using socio-demographic characteristics. As a result the actual analysis has.

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Ultimately it is important that you

A different focus It is about the havior concrete wishes and nes of the previously defin group of people.  havior interests lifestyle issues and much more. Values ​​KY Lists and moral issues should also  analyz here – for example whether your target group attaches particular importance to topics such as sustainability and environmental friendliness. Microtargeting helps you to carry out data-bas marketing and forms a central foundation for the collection of data relevant to the target group. buying havior The methods present above can  us to answer questions about purchasing havior Among other things the.

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