Personas that provide a strategic benefit can only be develop if you have precisely defin your target group With the help of customer segmentation a customer base can be divid into smaller groups that are as homogeneous as possible. The customer segments themselves should be segment in such a way that they are as heterogeneous as possible. customer segments are clearly separat from each other and can be process differently. . Personas – Development of Personas After customer segmentation individual personas can be creat for each customer segment . The following variables represent useful criteria for the development of personas : Demography: The age of a persona its gender and the current marital status are defin.

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In addition the place of residence and the size of the household are determin. Socioeconomics: ucational level occupation and income of personas Ecuador Phone Number List Psychographic : The psychographic factors include the target group representative’s motivation opinion desires values ​​and lifestyle. Purchasing behavior: Purchasing behavior is defin by price sensitivity satisfaction purchase range and mia use. This information should be supplement by other relevant criteria that can influence purchasing behavior and thus also how these customers are address. With our DIM Persona Profiler you get a tool with which you can describe the.

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Decisive persona as precisely as possible. DIM Persona ProfilerThe DIM Persona Profiler In order to better understand and describe the emotional KY Lists level and the behavior of a persona the empathy map also offers a suitable approach.  of the target group by capturing not purely rational but real behavior and the underlying motivations. With the help of six dimensions the behavior and motivations of the target group are explor. Among other things the following questions are answer What goals does the person.

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