Communication Focus on customer retention Minimize. The amount of advertising wastage Structur and strategic market. Cultivation Gathering information about the market and consumers Cross-departmental communication  joint strategies optimal implementation of sales marketing in your company contact the German Institute for Marketing to initiate a project. Sales marketing – success factors There is no miracle cure that guarantees the success of sales marketing but the following points are of great importance for a successful realization of sales marketing. Constructive expression of conflict tween departments Interdisciplinary use of skills Marketing and sales teamwork Fix framework.

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Conditions for action Regular information of all parties. Involv about current facts Insight into sales marketing So that the actions of the other can Hungary Phone Number List understood in both departments the marketing staff should  given the opportunity to work in sales to tter understand work processes and decisions and vice versa. True to the motto learning by doing a much more intensive insight into the field of work is provid and a completely different understanding of working together is creat. Workflows and decisions are easier this way and are easier to understand.

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Sales Marketing  Potential Progressive successful companies. Have timely realiz the effect of sales marketing.  smart minds can develop strategies and KY Lists measures. Entirely new potential for the company can  discover in this way. Haven’t you recogniz the potential of sales marketing. Yet Would you like to try it now and integrate this method. Into your company Then the German Institute for Marketing can bring their specialist departments together and work on optimiz cooperation. You are welcome to contact us on this topic. Don’t forget sales marketing is an investment in the future of your company Sales.

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