School A presentation doesn’t actually ne PowerPoint at all Noplease don’t misunderstand me. Of courseeach of your presentations PowerPoint part. This subheading refers much more to the way of presenting. It goes without saying that you should speak freely and look your listeners in the eye. That’s why you shouldn’t look too much at the slides yourself. But: You will only really present if your entire presentation could theoretically do without PowerPoint. From the startthink of this program only as an important supplementnot as a central part around which all the rest of the presentation will converge—a mistake even many business professionals make. In other wordsPowerPoint should  for your pre tax tips for.

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Start-ups Start-ups and young companies are confront with numerous problems and challenges. Customer acquisitioncorporate hierarchysecuring Norway Phone Number List liquidityprocess and workflow optimization and many other issues must  dealt with. and punctual payment of the tax . Herehoweverbusiness founders can simplify their processes and ruce their tax payments with a few valuable tips . The tax consultant and expert in business start-up advice Thomas Bartsch from the  & Bartsch from reveals some of them in an interview. Two men sit at a table in front of their laptops and discuss Tax tips from an expert can  very valuableespecially when starting a business. Image source: Free-Photos / Pixabay Tip : Save taxes with a tax consultant Use the services of a tax advisor for.

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At least the first year  object thatas a tax consultantI naturally have to say this the business founder KY Lists can learn a lot from the tax consultant in this first year so that he can later decide which of his duties he will carry out himself in the future or delegate to employees. A train and experienc tax consultant will incur costs for the time ing. But we are talking about an investment in a correct and error-free start. In addition to the essential nefit of saving timethese service costs can  fully tax ductible as.

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