Certificate course you will learn how to sensibly spread your brand message across digital touchpoints. Online course Digital Brand ManagerDIM . to the Customer Journey Map The customer journey is an extremely helpful tool to understand customer nes and customer havior. It can creat for specific customer groups products services or the entire company and display graphically in a map. The Customer Journey Map helps to visualize customer contact and to identify optimization opportunities. The following instructions show you how to create a customer journey and how to integrate customer journey mapping into.

Customer Journey – In steps

Your customer experience management : . Define target group persona The first step is to define the target group whose journey through the Senegal Phone Number List company is to examin. Personas are helpful for this. These are fictitious people whose  target group. A profile records the person’s name and looks what job they do what hobbies with what goals and havior patterns they have and what challenges they face in life. For this character it is then consider why they might interest in the products or services of the company under consideration. That is which motives come into question for a purchase or a conversion. An empathy map can also help to present the target group more precisely Questions to ask.

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Characteristics represent a typical

Yourself at this stage: Who is our target group What do our customers have in common . Identify touch points In this step it is important to determine KY Lists the appropriate scope of the customer journey map . The points of contact are to defin according to the ne for detail. The more detail the individual touchpoints are defin the more complex but also more informative the customer journey map comes. For rough analyzes of the customer journey it is sufficient to formulate the touchpoints in general terms. For precise analyses however it is worth subdividing broad touchpoints into more detail touchpoints. In our cinema example the touchpoint cinema bar could.

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