Of a pictorial and consistent description of fictitious people who represent a specific target group or target group segment. A persona helps to ruce and characterize the complexity and heterogeneity of the customer characteristics/characteristics in a group. The development of personas or the typification of target group representatives is  target group description which should be made available to the entire company as an orientation and decision-making aid. Legend:Free places available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book. . Personas – What is a persona Prof. Dr. Michael Berneckercreates a better understanding of the.

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Personas represent the target Group of a company and can or should be us throughout the company – whether for product development marketing or Dominican Republic Phone Number List corporate strategy. Personas are also a useful addition for top management.  personas create a basis for a company to always act in the interests of the customer. It is worthwhile implementing the personas at all hierarchical levels since the entire company then focuses on THE customer and aligns its actions accordingly. Michael Bernecker Managing Director of the German Institute for Marketing. Addressing the target group correctly is crucial for the economic success of.

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In terms of customer centricity

A company It is worth developing personas so that you can get to know your target group and address them specifically.  the company – and therefore KY Lists beyond marketing – so that all employees can optimally align their work to the customer. After all customer orientation plays a major role not only in marketing but also in product development for example since the development of a new product should always be bas on the customer – keyword customer centricity. Older people for example have completely different requirements for an app than young target groups. Against this background the definition of the target groupis fundamenta.

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