That the brand manages to stay in the minds of the customers in order to evoke positive associations and thoughts relat to the brand.  budget can therefore not  position properly. Only if the brand message has a relevant reach with the customer and thus triggers transactions can it successfully position the brand and trigger a relevant brand value. In addition the message of a brand should always  convey in the same way in every mium and on every platform. This is the only way to create a recognition value and the brand is perceiv as such. If the message is constantly changing the consumer cannot get a clear.

A brand without a perceptible 

Picture of a brand. Customers perceive brands with the help of associations. If a customer can’t find a direct connection to a brand that’s a bad sign. Within Croatia Phone Number List a few seconds a customer must have an image of the brand that can  easily grasp. subconsciously tries to answer on autopilot. What does the company / product stand for What do I like about this company/product What problem does the company/product solve Can I trust the product/company Do I like the product / company What does the logo look like What colors does it use Brand positioningInteraction as a brand anchor in the customer’s brain The brand will only function.

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Key questions that the customer

Successfully in the market if it also translates the reach previously trigger by communication into relevant interactions with the customer. customer KY Lists consciously engages with the brand and pays enough attention to it for a real interaction to take place. Only then does the customer consciously clarify for himself what the brand stands for whether it can solve his problems and to what extent it is worth shortlisting this product in a possible purchase or procurement process. Many brand managers are familiar with these dialogues with the customer I didn’t even know you did it The conscious interaction with the services products and characteristics of the brand is the basic requirement.

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