Formulate and control. In contrast qualitative sales targets relate rather on the havior of the sales reps. The quality of the sales activity as such is not as easy to measure and observe as the control of quantitative objectives.  often play a subordinate role and quantitative specifications are formulat for the sales staff. Nevertheless qualitative characteristics of the sales work are at least as important for the sales concept. You should also define the framework conditions for achieving your goals. Marketing Manager.

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The way from the sales strategy to the sales concept After the basis and framework for the sales concept have en creat and the sales goals have en determina Indonesia Phone Number List sales strategy must  develop . This clarifies which measures and achieve the sales goals in the st possible way. The sales concept combines the planningdocumentation and monitoring of all sales processes and activities. All strategically plann measures are record and check in a structur manner in an overall concept. Every step is registercause this is the only way to ensure that the process runs smoothly and without errors. The concept should  well thought out and prepar and takes.

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Over the control of the entire sales work. sales concept Which sales measures are defin in a sales concept When developing your yourself a fundamental KY Lists question: What measures can you use to address potential customers and thus acquire new customers or retain existing customers in the long term Define your communication strategies and systematically revise them again and again. An important aspect of sales here is lead management . The sales concept is the action plan in which all sales processes and means customer ucation and that is exactly what is done in this profession. Customers should  ucat andactivities are register and regulat. This also records what add value the customer has.

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