Leads to specific crisis situations . Do you want to make every growth phase of your company successful We are happy to help! r to the life cycle concept can be seen in handling to support management. Here too the focus is on the description creating understanding for the resulting changes and proposing recommendations for action on how to act in the respective phase. Growth Model Phase : Growth through Creativity The first phase which often goes hand in hand with founding a company is primarily characteriz by creativity and innovation. The growth results from the ideas of its founders and they are highly motivat to.

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Focus on this business idea. Likewise the employees in this phase typically show themselves to be very committ and flexible . Communication is very Chile Phone Number List informal everyone shows great interest in any task that arises. Everything is subordinat to  idea and attracting paying customers. This creative chaos and extremely dynamic interplay describes a situation that reaches its limits towards the end of this phase and further growth becomes impossible.    Certificate course Business Development Manager (DIM) Growth Model Phase Growth through.

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Leadership Characteristic of the second phase is that managers who are still closely connect to the workforce from the founding phase determine KY Lists the direction of the company. As a rule the management level specializes at least in the areas of marketing/sales and production/development. Standardiz processes emerge and the organization matures: the company is structur into different areas of responsibility hierarchies and decentraliz budget responsibilities emerge central procurement functions are set up etc. Day-to-day business requires more and more resources and the individual radius of action is ruc. This leads to the next crisis in this phase which can only be.

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