The creative production of ideas. No creativity – no innovation. Creativity techniques thus serveamong other thingsto increase the innovative power in the company. . Techniques to encourage creativity Over the yearsnumerous techniques for developing creativity have en developsome of which differ more or less in their principles. . Some consist essentially of concrete tools (e.g. modeling clay or pin board)others of regulat procures. The latter should then promote the flow of creativity. Creativity techniques are instruments for efficiently supporting thinking and generating unusual approaches in the idea-finding process. 

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Director at the German Institute for Marketing creativity techniques Even if some methods give the impression of ing playfulspontaneous and with a El Salvador Phone Number List lot of freomthese techniques actually require a high degree of discipline and clear regulations. Don’t  fool by the partially creative naming. A small selection is briefly characteriz low. brainstorming Brainstorming is one of the classic creativity techniques . In factno further aids are requir apart from the participants and a corresponding room. Howeverthe term brain storm should not mislead anyone into interpreting.

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This method as a disorderlystormy or chaotic event. Brainstorming in particular requires a high degree of structure and disciplinethought-out KY Lists preparation. To clarifyhere are a few key points: One person must  assign to planfacilitateand motivate the brainstorming session . This person determines suitable participants and informs them sufficiently.  spread as widely as possible in terms of hierarchy and expertisewhich is as important as it is problematic for functioning as a group. Depending on the complexity of the question for which a creative solution is to  foundthe participants can also receive specific information in advance. In this wayit already works in the minds of the participants in preparation The high.

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