As product information fore making a purchase using a search engine – no wonder that Googling has now also en includ in the dictionary. This is exactly why it is the goal of every company to appear as high as possible in a search engine ranking and thus increase the reach of its own website. Search engine optimizationSEO is therefore all measures that improve the ranking of your own website in the search results. search engine optimization Why search engine optimization is important! A recent study shows that social mia marketing has left hind search engine optimizationSEO and search engine advertisingSEA in Europe at least in terms of distribution.

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However marketing managers should not make the mistake of neglecting search engines as a marketing channel.  make search engine optimization still Costa Rica Phone Number List extremely important – perhaps even more important than social mia for many companies. 1. Reach Some social mia channels in Germany suffer from a low reach.  the microblog Twitter longs to this category. Approximatelyactive German accounts a large proportion of which come from the marketing or mia environment show how little Twitter has really arriv in the everyday world of Germans. Search engines especially Google reach about  of internet users. A good ranking in search engines is still a guarantee for high traffic on.

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The website Time of address Anyone who searches in search engines has an acute ne. Studies show that 90% of all purchase . With a high Google ranking KY Lists or a well-design keyword ad the visitor is address at the very moment when he is actively looking for the products or services on offer. It doesn’t get any tter. In the social mia on the other hand the user either comes across an offer by chance is inform of it by advertising or receives a recommendation from his friends. In any case he has no active ne. This difference represents one of the greatest nefits of search engine marketing. 3. Selection in the search engine Advertisements on Facebook can  excellently target.

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