Contact potential new customers if there is a high probability that they are interest in the respective products.  consent permitt and only by telephone. The basic rule here is that you are on a comparatively safe side if there is a connection between the product in question and the company in question or the contact person. yet guarantee real success but it can also play a decisive role in connection with a corresponding target group analysis. Basic sales training Would you like to convince potential customers and achieve your sales goals In our two-day basic sales training course you will learn how.

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To professionally acquire customers. Information and dates can be Strategy workshop – conception and design . / – ( votes) A strategy workshop is regularly China Phone Number List a building block in the context of corporate development to initiate essential steps in business development . Would you like to hold a strategy workshop. The German Institute for Marketing has been supporting strategy workshops for years and has gain extensive experience in the successful and therefore sustainable design of strategy workshops. A strategy workshop is a helpful tool for discussing and further developing a company’s strategic orientation in a rapidly changing market environment. A strategy workshop can contribute to clarifying the.

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Situation and new orientation in very different initial situations. Do you ne external input for your strategy workshop Here is our support! Initial KY Lists situation for a strategy workshop Clarifying the initial situation is very important for a strategy workshop so that the discussions within the workshop go in the right direction. In our experience the starting point for a strategy workshop can vary greatly. In recent years we have accompani strategy workshops for the following initial situations: Further development of the processing of a business area Development of new business models brand.

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