In contrast to this the weight partial utility values ​​are. Multipli in the multiplicative link to form the total utility value. An additive approach is preferr if the target criteria have very different weights. The multiplicative combination on the other hand is more likely to chosen if alternatives with a balanc profile are desir Sensitivity analysis and decision:  values ​​for each alternative action the decision is practically obvious: the alternative with the sthighest overall utility value is chosen. fore doing this however it makes sense to.

After determining the overall utility

Carry out a sensitivity analysis. The aim of this is to check the robustness of the suppos decision in relation to changes in subjective Costa Rica Phone Number List influencing factorsweighting of the criteria or evaluation of individual nefit fulfillment or external framework Conditions of the initial situation.  parameters can carri out without too much effort and enables an adequate preparation of the basis for the decision Sample calculation utility analysis A simple example should clarify the application of the nefit analysis : There are alternative marketing campaigns to choose from. For this purpose MUST criteria and CAN target criteria were defin and the.

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Technically a simulation with different

Latter weight according to importance. Each campaign was then evaluat with regard to the individual target criteria and finally . Sample calculation KY Lists utility analysis A sensitivity analysis was not includ in the simplifi sample calculation. A multitude of corresponding tables would result for each varying parameter in order to then determine which recommendations are given in each case. Here the decision falls on campaign B as the overall nefit is the highest Critical analysis of utility value The nefit analysis is understandably an adequate procure for the poster advertising enables direct customer contact. Direct customer contact can achiev via a simple advertising.

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