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Technical information about the products and services concern. In terms of contentthe PIM maps a significant part of the electronic information in the company. This quickly addresses enterprise content management . Howeverthis system has a different focus. ERP systems are design to map and support business processes. PIM systems are design to support product information management. PIM Enterprise System (CMS Management of content-relat information about the products for mia use (e.g. websites as part of marketing. Document Management System (DMS Management and archiving of digital commercial documents. Product Data Management System (PDM Part of the operational information.

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Coordination system management of data from product development. Classic ERP systems dominate in the software industry.  management core Brazil Mobile Number List processes and control the company’s resourcescapitalpersonnel and equipmentfor example in production planning or order processing. Howeverthe requirements for solutions for documenting and controlling processes in the company have increasand classic ERP solutions no longer adequately reflect this. The increasing amount of documents and processes as well as their constantly growing formalization justify the ne for extend Enterprise Data Management (M solutions . For examplee-mails were originally us purely as a communication miumbut these days they often.

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Initiate process chains or transmit important documents and hyperlinks. In particularthe data exchange between different systems and the handling of KY Lists different formats represent the current challenges. Prof. Dr. Michael Bernecker If data is the new oilthen PIM is the oil tank of the future! Prof. Dr. Michael Bernecker – GF German Institute for Marketing Product management seminar Would you like to expand your skills in product management Visit our two-day product management seminar MondayMay thProduct management –  Marc Habermeyer in Cologne or onlineInform now Mon. . Product management – The successful product managerwith Marc Habermeyer in Cologne or onlineInform now Legend Free places available. Only a few places left Sorry fully book Tasks.

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