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The strategy describes the long

Groups are clearly defin the messages that are to be convey to a target group can be develop or work out. The messages usually include: corporate values Key messages of a product a brand or the entire start-up Stories and topics that the start-up would like to occupy and for which it can stand – in an authentic way at best the messages to target groups and not to formulate any general statements. However the following important requirements apply to all messages that a start-up communicates: The messages must correspond to the corporate strategy. They are relevant and easy to understand for the target audience.

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They can exist like this for a long period of time. Your tone corresponds to the image of the start-up and at the same time suits that of the target group Mobile Phone Number Lists from the competition. They can be proven in favor of authenticity and cribility or maybe even substantiat with concrete facts and figures. . Clearly outline strategy and tactics In this step the communication strategy can be formulat concisely for the first time . Although the measures still have to be deriv the resources calculat and the responsibilities defin this is where things get practical.

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The theoretical part ends with the compression of a strategy and tactics. To do this it should first be clarifi what distinguishes strategy from tactics KY Lists term plan of action that sets the direction the start-up is aiming for. It should be deriv from the company’s overall strategy and plans. The strategy describes how the communication takes place. It focuses on target groups and topics. The tactic on the other hand is the short and mium-term approach to executing the strategy that has been develop. It includes the measures that are to be us to implement the defin goals. It also defines the communication channels or the mix of communication mia us. Strategy and tactics can now be formulat concisely but clearly in a meaningful way This clear formulation.

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