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PLecture Marketing for Startups by on The aim of marketing is to determine the wishes of current and potential customers; adapt the company’s services to these requirements and thus ensure the survival of the company. A marketing plan is particularly important in the start-up phase . The basics for this are present below. Contents . company goals . Market research as a basis in marketing for startups . Establishment of marketing goals.

Marketing for startups Set

Define marketing strategy . Competitive Analysis: Clarify the following questions . Services that the customer really nes . The brand name . Choice of means of communication . Distribution / Sales . Process in marketing for startups .  goals  marketing Hong Kong Phone Numbers List concept is always the question of the company’s goals. What does the company founder want to achieve Why is the company important for the market and the customer What differentiates it from other providers on the market This goal setting phase is very important because the entrepreneur has to think carefully about what he actually intends to do. A marketing plan can only be design efficiently if these goals are formulat precisely A visit to.

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Marketing for startups Set company

A bank investor government agency future employee. Or future business partner is likely to be useless without clarification of these essential KY Lists questions. Market research as a basis in marketing for startups Bas on the desir goals the entrepreneur should first of all think about his customers the competitors and possibly also about the middlemen. No business founder should do without a detail customer analysis. It must be clarifi who comes into question as a customer how many of them can be reach what purchasing behavior they have and what willingness there is to pay for the services. Business founders often make the mistake of presenting their ideas to friends and acquaintances and asking them if anyone can imagine buying the services As a rule there.

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