Criterion for the average wine customer. Customers in particular who buy their wine in the supermarket often have no further support options for their decision. A good wine bottle lal draws the buyer’s attention  clearly differentiates it from the competition and conveys the necessary and requir information.   Use QR codes! QR codes are not particularly common in Germany. Nevertheless QR codes can  found in many places. A QR code can also make sense on the wine bottle. Photograph with a mobile phone the user accesses your website and receives further information about the wine  for example.

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Code wine lal Wine marketing tip  Your own website is the lynchpin Your own website is the lynchpin in modern wine marketing . It is not only the Estonia Phone Number List business card on the weut also virtualizes Lidl but for new fresh and young wines.  a lot to discover in the Young Winegrowers category on Amazon. Do you have new plans Do you want to appeal to adventurous customer segments or target new audiences The concept of the young winegrowers may  something you are familiar with. Fresh young wines modern lals and alternative sales concepts. Innovations ne a name. Just  young. A special ition or so-call capsule collections can provide new impetus. Wine marketing tip  Use the test package correctly Almost every establish.

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Winemaker has so-call test packages on offer. In this way new customers can test and taste their own wines. For many online retailers these are also the KY Lists top-selling products. The advantages are apparent You can win new customers for your own customer file. You can create an attractive bundle that has the appeal of something special.  to show the breadth of the range. A trial package also offers many advantages for customers An overview of the wines of an estate or assortment / vine  Usually an attractive price due to the bundling. The possibility to drink different wines without having to buy large quantities Explore new possibilities. But how can you really use the potential of a trial package You can add the customer to your newsletter.

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