The registration of the packaging

From January st the packaging types and quantities must be register with the Central Packaging Register Office. Packaging that is plac on the market for the first time therefore requires participation in a dual system. Who is affect by the new packaging law Anyone who places packaging fill with goods on the market for the first time (first distributorand which (typicallyoccurs with the private end consumer must register. Pursuant to Section Paragraph placing on the market is any payment or non-payment to third parties with the aim of distribution consumption or use.

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An exception here concerns the delivery of fill packaging on behalf of a third party to the third party itself provid that the packaging is exclusively mark Greece Phone Number List with the brand the name or both of the third party. What are the obligations for the manufacturer and especially for online retailers The following basic obligations result from the new VerpackG especially for online retailers: The conclusion of a contract in a dual system . Registration with the Central Packaging Register Office. The online retailer receives an individual registration number It is consider a basic.

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Requirement for packaging licensing. System participation in one or more dual systems by sending the registration number. before it is plac on the KY Lists market both with the central office and with the Respective dual system.  weight and material type of the packaging plac on the market system and the central office in the form of a declaration of completeness if one of the quantity thresholds according to Section Packaging Act is exce. The following must be report to the central office for registration: Name address and contact details of the manufacturer Brand names under which the manufacturer markets its packaging that is subject to system participation Authoriz natural person National identification number of the manufacturer including the European or national tax number Declaration.

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