Requests can implement more easily If you integrate the employees into the design of the shift plans they feel valu. As a result reschuling or failures come rarer. But you can also make your own work easier and let the staff design the shift plan themselves. With this assignment of rights you no longer have to take over the organization yourself but only the final decision. loyalty to the company. Data is safe and stor Paper can  lost quickly Excel documents are suddenly delet This cannot happen with professional software for shift plans. The data is always sav and even if there is a server crash data is never lost due to the storage on different servers. A tool for digital shift planning makes it much easier for employers and employees.

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To plan shifts flexibly. nag only by the Product Owner even when working collaboratively with the Scrum Team and stakeholders.  the product backlog is carri Cambodia Phone Number List out by the product manager and is bas exclusively on the business / product nefit. for maximizing the value of the product resulting from the work of the SCRUM Team. understand what they don’t like. As soon as problems are discover the specialists immiately solve them. ta testing is testing a product with real users. Potential or existing customers are given access to the application for   –   weeks and they fully use it. Their job is to provide feback detect issues and share their opinions. Once all these steps have en complet the product can.

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Releas and see the performance in real time. The main advantage of such a product is that it is inexpensive allows you to assess the risks test KY Lists the business model. At the same time it is complete and functional. Many stay on it for a long time. The main mistakes when creating an MVP The biggest mistake in MVP development is not taking the application seriously. Like this is a temporary product its task is to test a niche. The minimum viable product is a se that can sprout an entire field. Therefore it must  taken as.

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