Advertising and user experience together. Online Marketing Trends virtual reality Virtual Reality VR for shortis the representation and simultaneous perception of reality and its physical properties in a real-timecomputer-generatinteractive virtual environment. Augment Reality AR for shortis understood as the computer-aid expansion of the perception of reality. All human sensory modalities can be address with ARbut understood as the visual representation of informationi.e. the supplementing of images or videos with computer-generat additional information or virtual objects by means of overlays / overlays. In practice Virtual Reality is us in the following areas Virtual reality can create exciting new brand experiences Advertising.

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Will become more playful Virtual events (watch NBA games via VR Virtual Tours (A Tour from Ethiad Virtual shopping (preliminary step IKEA app Uganda Phone Number List Experience Virtual meetings (e.g. Facebook VR with its own avatar that even gaming live streaming More and more platforms have introduc the live function or are in the process of introducing it. Live streaming on Facebook should be familiar to everyone by nowat least since many celebrities share their everyday lives with users on Facebook or convene question and answer sessions. Twitter has a counterpart in Periscopeand Instagram only recently jump on.

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Imitates facial expressions and gestures

The bandwagon Howeverthe rollout is not yet complete – the feature is not yet available to everyone and it will take some time before this is distribut to KY Lists the general public. For companieslive streaming offers a good opportunity to bring free advertising to the target group. In this waythe already existing fan base is reachbut there is also users (example million users daily on Instagram. It is important to choose the right content . If the content is interestingthere is a high probability that the viewer will switch on again. Social Mia Buy Buttons Users spend several hours a day on social miawhich means there is great potential for companies. No wonderthenthat buy buttons on social mia.

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