Tracking is not really new; it has en possible to switch to this function since the ginning of the year. It increases the spe at which mobile websites load. while users are rirect to the landing page. This is intend to prevent significant ructions in the conversion rate cause the page loads too slowly. Since March parallel trackingwhich is already us in searchshopping and display campaignshas en mandatory for video campaigns. The only new thing is the deadline that advertisers receive for the changeoverwhich has en extend by one year to March . The options for YouTu campaigns are also ing expand. Targeting can no longer only differentiate tween different devices such as tabletssmart TVs or smartphones.

Tracking runs in the background

Advertisers can also specify under More Settings/Devices exactly which operating systemsdevice models and mobile networks should  taken into account.  of Egypt Phone Number List different target groupssuch as the preference for certain devices and the associat differences in haviorvideo campaigns can  coordinat even more precisely. Changes to responsive ads As far as responsive design is concernGoogle Ads will deliver even more attractive results in the future. Both responsive search ads and responsive display ads are each getting some changes. For display adsthese are at first glance cosmetic in nature In order to  able to improve.

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Especially with regard to the user havior

The design of the adsGoogle offers new creative layouts and automatically generat videoswhich are intend to enable more appealing ads onon the KY Lists other. In addition to the layoutsautomatic image optimization can  uswhich can crop images and text overlays. Google is able to automatically create video ads from existing image and text elements. The advertising customers only have to take care of the raw material and can thus prepare and update their advertising campaigns with comparatively little effort. Dynamic display ads will also have a new designincluding the display of the company name and logo. Text can  add to these if requir. A preview function provides first impressions of how the displays work in practice.

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