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Marketing Chat bots – areas of application. In marketing Chat bots can be us in. All areas of marketing in which a communicative exchange between companies takes place or should take place. chatbots In customer serviceit is in particular the communication with customers that shows clear differences in performance compar to the Previous communication instruments.  is about a specific service request or the customer wants a current problem solv or the company wants to get feback on past services. Without any time delay customer service can benefit the customer. And that hours a day quickly and directly without queues or.

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Other delays The quality of customer service is consistently consistent and without emotional interference on the part of a human being. In Chile Phone Number List addition all information is fully personaliz and enrich by the complete history along can improve the quality of the services. Within sales advice product advice with the help of chatbots is very individual and target which in turn has a positive effect on the conversion rate or facilitates cross-selling. Typical search field design can be replac and the entire purchase process can be further automat right through to a final shopping cart. Chatbots can also make a significant contribution.

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In the area of ​​opinion or image formation. Special news bots provide journalistic information. And activate new target groups. Be personaliz here in a KY Lists suitable way which optimizes the personal entertainment value and information content. All functions together are suitable for generating attention increasing awareness and improving customer loyalty. Would you like to find out more about. How chatbots can be us in your business area We are happy to help! Catherine Silberbach DIMWe keep an eye on the current trends and developments of.

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