Makes sense for companies to enable personnel managers to further ucate themselves in this area. There are special training courses that provide the necessary knowlge to competently carry out employee surveys. pay off for the company in the form of important change processes and satisfi employees. We would also be happy to advise you and/or your HR manager on conducting your employee surveys! Would you like to conduct an employee survey Get in touch with our market research expert! Bastian Foerster Mr. Bastian Foerster Tel. + ( – Fax + ( – Send an email . Purpose of an Employee Survey An employee survey is a tool to provide the company with valuable information on areas of the corporate structure that.

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Improvement. Such surveys are most commonly us to gain insights into the following areas corporate climate knowlge management human resource Mexico Phone Number List development staff retention Workplace Health Promotion Fees and ancillary services corporate a survey among employees lies in their potential to serve as a basis for important change processes. The assessment of the working atmosphere by means of an employee survey can serve as an example . From the answers givenconclusions can be drawn as to which measures can be us to improve the climate. If employees are uncomfortable in the poorly.

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Equipp break rooma remodel can help. A new fully automatic coffee machine can also work wonders. An important area in an employee survey is the KY Lists personnel level. Do employees feel notic Does the HR manager care about adequate promotion of his workforce Are there enough training opportunities Are there too many or too few appraisal interviews How do they assess the decision-making structures With target questionsweak points that ne to be chang can be found very quickly. Surveys on remuneration and fringe benefits paid by the company provide important.

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