Identity core of a company. Let’s transfer this thought to employer branding. Properly understood employer branding is much more than just a new range of personnel recruiting tools. Employer branding is primarily understood as the identity-bas and strategic positioning as a crible and attractive employer bas on the company’s driving principle. However many mium-siz companies do not know their identity. Employer branding measures then often have the effect of putting a skier on a flat green meadow with the latest equipment. Looks professional but is usually not very successful. Finding an identity is therefore the decisive basis for strategic positioning as.

What values ​​do we live by A clearly

An employer and thus for the target and effective use of measures. So ask yourself the questions What do we stand for as an employer  defin employer Turkey Phone Number List brand is ne Studies also make it clear that the measures to build and maintain the employer brand in mium-siz companies are increasingly gaining momentum.  mium-siz companies agree that the topic of employer branding will gain in importance in the coming years.  in mium-siz companies is no longer seen as a nice to have but is much more a cross-company and therefore elementary strategic orientation. But what are the most important measures especially for mium-siz companies to position themselves as a visible brand for potential applicants in the future First of all fundamental work that has en miss so far.

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This proves that employer branding

Must  made up for. This includes in particular the development of a clearly identity-bas employer brand as well as the consistent identification of optimization KY Lists opportunities bas on employee surveys. The greatest opportunity in the coming years therefore lies in fundamental strategic positioning. Employer branding using LinkIn and XING Social networks such as LinkIn and XING are ideal for coming active in the area of ​​employer branding . After all the two platforms are primarily us for professional exchange and the presentation of companies and vacancies. If you want to find out more about potential new.

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