Categories analytical strategic and operational phases. communication concept The analytical phases begin with the so-call briefing . The initial problem must be describ and defin here. A sufficiently precise definition of the problem in the briefing plays an important role especially when using external service providers. be obtain through appropriate research . This data in turn flows into the analyzes The focus here is on recognizing the causes of communication problems and evaluating various causes. In practice analysis and research can be combin into one phase. The strategic phase areas of the communication concept follow.

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On the basis of the analysis . These begin with the determination and specification of the communication goals and the target group. What and with whom New Zealand Phone Numbers List does the company want to communicate Parallel to the setting of goals the necessary  goals must be adjust accordingly Рas a kind of quantitative planning of the goal realization. Goals and target group are to be consider and position in the context of the communication environment.  concerns the creation of the communication messages and the creative guidelines. The last three phases of this nine-phase approach deal with operational areas.

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The planning of measures comprises several aspects. Decisions regarding the design of the means of communication as well as questions of timing have KY Lists to be clarifi. In addition the communication mia must be determin e.g. whether advertisements or TV spots should be us ( intermia selection ) and then the specific mium of communication e.g. in which magazine the advertisements should appear ( intramia selection). According to the general marketing management process the implementation of the entire planning now follows. However this is the operational implementation and not part of the planning. In the communication concept the success control or controlling phase now follows and finally the documentation or presentation of the concept. Phase and phase show.

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