Areas of application in online marketing have become apparent and make the marketers’ work easier. That’s why the trend continues. The year will show that even small and mium-siz companies can use artificial intelligence for themselves. An excellent example of this is chatbotswhich can answer a variety of customer questions in real time.  customer service to assign the request to a category so that it can be forward to the responsible employee. This relieves customer service which saves costs and helps in scaling the business. Artificial intelligence is also increasingly being us to analyze customer behavior Via Facebook.

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Coadvertisers are able to narrow down their target group more precisely and continuously optimize it without having to do anything themselves. already Turkey Phone Number List in use on native advertising platforms such as Taboola and Outbrain. There is no longer a ne to select a target group here. The artificial intelligence ensures that the content is play out to interest visitors. . Online Marketing Trend – Advertising in Voice Search Immer will be worthwhile to be the first to get to the point and advertise to the surpris users. It will probably not be long before advertising can also be sent via direct message Online Marketing Trend.

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Influencers are ask to pay Influencer marketing was the topic of . Whole brands have generat their sales in this way.  business and benefit from the KY Lists huge reach on Instagram. In the platform will work to finally get a piece of the pie and stop giving away reach. In the futureinfluencers will have to ce part of their earnings to Instagram. It is likely that they will be limit in their range and then have to extend it for a fee. A similar change was observ on Facebook. It has also already been announc that work is being done on an in-house tool that advertisers can use to book ads with various influencers. The revenue generat is then split between the.

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