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Ideally supplement by location-bas service. The action phase is the last step in the DIM Marketing Canvas. The customer knows the solution to his problem and makes active inquiries. Therefore sales are now also in demand.  processing of inquiries with the aim of achieving a high level of customer satisfaction. Only then will there be a successful conclusion and possible follow-up degrees. Being able to react quickly and individually are now decisive success factors. This can also be a strength of mobile marketing. With the DIM Marketing Canvas the interactions between the customer situation and marketing activities are clearly display.

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If you answer the customer-relat questions as well as the company-relat questions the decision-making process is made much easier and concrete Estonia Phone Number List recommendations for mobile marketing can be made. . A special feature in mobile  Location bas service describes an important part of mobile marketing . It’s about location-bas communication combin with a special service. The dependency on the customer’s location already constitutes a first limiting selection. Marketing only reaches potential customers and for them it makes orientation easier and increases relevance and service offerings. Overall higher satisfaction and a higher.

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Marketing location-bas service

Willingness to pay can be achiev. Typical mobile services include on-site price comparison and the city navigator. Location-bas services are divid into KY Lists three different categories namely location-bas advertising location-bas shopping and location-bas games. Mobile Marketing – Location Bas Marketing Location -bas advertising is primarily about advertising. Due to the dependence on the location there is relatively little wastage.  for example using the company’s own applications and similar services. Such apps are often us in retail or gastronomy and offer additional discounts or special information. For example Subway in the UK us to send MMS messages to nearby passers-by to encourage them to make a spontaneous visit. Location-bas shopping typically uses.

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