Areas are form using the Ansoff matrix which make visible the business areas in which the company is not yet active. In contrast the outside-in method describes a stronger ne orientation towards the customer and a stronger orientation to the market. Furthermore the industry development is of great relevance as well as marketing impulses the ideas and visions of which emanate from the customer. You can carry out the business area analysis under fix and concrete questions. On the other hand a free approach with the aim of optimizing the business.

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Areas is also possible. For example the following questions can be ask: Does the company work appropriately for the digital age In which areas is additional work generat for the employees Which business area is the most profitable  costs higher than Indian Phone Number List the income Certificate course Business Development Manager (DIM) Procure – Business segment analysis in five phases The structure of a business area analysis can be divid into five phases. phases of the business field analysis In the first phase of strategic planning the.

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Current situation is analyz. This includes the current state of the company and the environment which is why this phase is also referr to as an inventory. With KY Lists the help of the company and environmental analysis the risks and opportunities of the company’s business areas which are very relevant for the future are determin.  development the sales and procurement markets and competition.  that of a competitor the current situation can be determin through a strengths-weaknesses analysis . The second phase results from the results of the company and environmental analysis. Bas on the previously collect data the entrepreneurial orientation and business goals are formulat. In the third phase the corporate strategy is work out. The right strategy results from the corporate goals and the circumstances in the company and on the.

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