Technological equipment management and decision-making system Individual criteria information behavior decision-making behavior Attitude . Segmentation Criteria Requirements The following requirements forregardless of B B or B C orientation . Tools to characterize each customer segment If the customer groups have been segmentthe following tools can then be us to identify and characterize the individual customers and their nes more clearly. The more precisely the individual customer segments are describthe more successful and effective the customer approach will be. . Personas Personas are us for systematic target group segmentation and help to better visualize the customer When it comes to customer segmentation.

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Persona creationthe DiSC model proves to be an extremely helpful approach. This model divides customers into four different respond to them. This Philippines Phone Number List makes it easier to meet their nes and keep them happy in the long run. Customers are divid into the following segments using the DiSC model dominant _ i initiative steady _ Conscientious _ If a customer falls into the dominant zone of the DiSC modelthen it is particularly important to enable that customer to shop efficiently and make them feel like they are saving money. In additionthese customers want to get results quickly. Thereforeat the beginning of the sales.

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Pitch with dominant customersthe reason for their purchase and the desir results should be ask directly.  like to be shown alternatives and then make KY Lists their own decision. In the sales pitchthe salesperson must be self-confident and assertive. The proactive customer wants the salesperson to address the special features of the customer and emphasize their individuality. In additionthe products should help the customer to improve their image. Suggestions should be made for these customers in the communicationwith which the customer’s resistance can be broken. If there are testimonials or referencesthese should also be presentas this can particularly convince customers with.

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