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Among the target group is achiev. The difficult success measurement must be seen as a disadvantage . Would you like to take your communication strategThe online marketing team of the DIM at the OMT in Wiesbaden Wiesbadena.m. the doors of the Pentahotel Wiesbaden open for the OMT . While some were still finishing  the rest scurri around at the coffee buffet. After a short welcome by Mario Jung founder of the OMT the lectures start. DIM team OMT Our way on the OMTPart I As the first lecture of the day we attend Thomas Hutter ‘s lecture on Facebook Dynamic Ads . As a top specialist for the strategic use of Facebook.

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Explain how Facebook Dynamic Ads can be us to automatically scale ads. A very current topic that is also of interest to our customers as these devices Poland Phone Number List and channels and only have to be set up once. This ad format automatically highlights products for people who have already express an interest in the company or product group.  means that suitable products for the target group are automatically display from a previously upload product catalogue. The price and availability can also be add to the advertisement. Our day at the OMT OMT expiration It was particularly interesting for us.

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That Facebook allows the ready-made templates for example on the subject of real estate to be transferr to other sectors. This creates new opportunities for KY Lists a large number of customers to reach already interest or new target groups via Facebook Dynamic Ads. Hot shit in psychology for your website with Sarah Weitnauer became our second topic of the day. After a few technical difficulties she show how small psychological tricks can be us to positively influence visitors to a website. The psychological tricks such as priming are bas on the theory by Daniel Kahnemann and the book Thinking Fast Thinking Slowly . Your tricks are mainly about targeting the.

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