Online purchase process the customer is shown products that have been analyz using artificial intelligence as a recommend add-on product. This recommendation is initially bas on the experience of past purchases but now the individual purchase history also plays a decisive role. This means that every customer receives individual product recommendations. NetflixArtificial intelligence to specifically address customers. Algorithms determine what type of film and series the customer is and recommend further content on this basis. In the meantime the recommendations are even provid with percentage values ​​that show the agreement of the recommendation with the specific customer.

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The recommendation system is us for customer loyalty because a suitable recommendation encourages the customer to continue consuming. Optimiz Benin Phone Number List placement of advertising content With the help of AI technology it is now possible to use internet advertising in a target manner and thus reach the relevant target group directly. As a result the advertising space that is irrelevant to the content is not taken up unnecessarily. the environment to be assess in order to conclude whether and to what extent this environment is suitable for the advertising content. Depending on this assessment the display of advertising on this website can be prevent. The methodological approach is A/B testing which determines which version.

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Offers an optimal button The difference to hyper. Targeting see Chapter is that the classification of the. Advertising content is not about the personaliz KY Lists content but about the appropriate button of the advertising content. Whether an advertising space is suitable for the content and whether the viewer clicks on the advertisement depends on various criteria. It’s not just about the design and content of the ad it’s more about the combination of the message the position of the ad and the motivation of the viewer.  scrutinize information closely ads with detail information also work. Here the probability that the advertisement with.

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