Into the touchpoints verage selection background music service staff furnishings etc. The numr of touchpoints depends primarily on the purpose of the customer journey. But what are the touchpoints tween the customer and  are us to reach the points of contact To answer this question data analysis is requir. External data from reports or studies on customer havior can us. They provide an initial overview of industry-typical touchpoints frequently us channels and current trends. For company-specific customer journeys however internal sources are particularly informative. Customer surveys can for example provide information on how customers found their way to the brick-and-mortar stores A survey of employees.

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About their experiences with customers can also help in this regard. However data collection from offline marketing is time- queri not observ. The Singapore Phone Number List main focus of data analysis is therefore online tracking . A variety of tools enable companies to easily track the exact customer paths on the Internet. Web analytics social mia monitoring newsletter statistics or statistics on support requests and complaints make it easy for companies to identify the online points of contactto identify. You can quickly see through which channels the company gets the most attention and the most sales. identifi during the data evaluation but it is also possible to determine the relevance of the contacts for the final customer.

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Action and to locate the so-call moments that matter . Questions to ask yourself at this stage: At what points does the customer come into contact KY Lists with the company Which channelsadvertising word-of-mouth Google etc. are us to reach the points of contact Which points of contact are of particular importance . Put touchpoints in a chronological order After the target group and their touchpoints have en identifi with the company the third step is to find out how the individual touchpoints are relat. To do this the touchpoints are arrang in an order and connect to a typical journey of a customer through the company – starting with the first contact up to the defin final action of the customere.g. purchase. One problem with this however.

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