Have fallen to their lowest level in nine years. In South Africa all branches had to  temporarily clos after demonstrators had already vandaliz three stores.  artist The Weeknd also wrote on social mia that they will no longer work with H&M in the future. Shitstorm example Image source Twitter/TheWeeknd . How do you have as a victim of a shitstorm There are certain ground rules to keep in mind when a shitstorm breaks out. It is important that the company reacts quickly as the first response to criticism is expect within a few hours. In order to  able to guarantee a quick reaction social mia monitoring should  sharpen. This should.

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Active hours a day days a week since many shitstorms start at night or at the weekend. This monitoring software is intend to provide round-the-clock Pakistan Phone Number List control. If you don’t want to take any risks you can also hire a social mia agency or bring your own. From the first response it is important to ensure that communication is open honest and direct.  for the misconduct if the criticism is justifi. Customers and the public expect an apology from the company when it has act improperly or unethically. However it should  borne in mind here that the apology must never  link to a justification or condition Otherwise.

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It will appear insincere and miss its purpose. In addition external help should  sought if the background to the shitstorm is incomprehensible such as a little-known KY Lists culture. If the critics’ concerns are not understood it can lead to the shitstorm ing made worse with wrong or unintentionally provocative answers. Another rule of conduct is that the posts insulting the company should not  delet. Doing so only annoys the author all the more. Ultimately it is important to learn something from the shitstorm about how to deal with criticism yourself.

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