She acts sincerely is professional has a certain sense of responsibility and presents itself authentically. So it is a combination of different factors that ensure that a companynot only in e-commerce radiates seriousness.  keyword has en dropp. cause the bottom line is that it is always about appearing trustworthy to the target group. The fact that trust and thus also seriousness in e-commerce plays such an important role is due to the special features that this industry brings with it. This is cause customers cannot view the products forehand hold them in their hands or try them on or try them out as is possible in a conventional shop.

With trust however the most important

There is a lack of haptics and also the personal contact with the seller in the context of a personal consultation. For the target group this means UK Phone Number List fewer opportunities to check the quality fit and other aspects of the product fore purchasing it. a certain amount of trust. Seriousness in times of cyrcrime cyrcrime stock.ado  Irina Strelnikova But not only the lack of haptics makes trust in e-commerce all the more important but also the increasing threat of cyrcrime. After all the fact that e-commerce is such a rapidly growing industry is attracting more and more scammers. For example there are fake shops where customers order and pay for something – but the goods never arrive and the money is gone anyway Or it is necessary.

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It must therefore give the retailer

To provide certain data when purchasing which is then misus by the dealer. Or the products are deliver but are of inferior quality and differ greatly KY Lists from the description. In addition to these examples there are other starting points for cyrcrime In the area of ​​e-commerce.  to stand out from dubious suppliers and convince customers to buy from them. Thus seriousness is an important cornerstone of new customer acquisition. If a customer has actually made the first purchase in an online shop the products and the service must of course also convincing in order to subsequently master customer loyalty. Seriousness also plays an important role here The basic factors For online.

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