Who like to go to bars and have a er The target group was afraid boring and didn’t want to  confront with young successful er drinkers who would show you what they haven’t achiev yet. The most interesting man in the world was well suit for this cause he was a future fantasy for men. Our conclusion the courage to exaggerate is sometimes worth it. for your target audience create one yourself! Advertising Campaign # Nike Just Do It. For almost years Nike has repeatly made new advertising campaigns out of its slogan Just Do It. In the succinct slogan was invent inspiration for which came from killer Gary Gilmore saying Let’s do it fore he was execut Just Do It is intend to encourage.

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Athletes to just start get start and get going. It motivates us to go yond our limits. The Unlimit You campaign for the Olympic Games takes it one step Uruguay Phone Number List further. A Just Do It spot will  shown there in the familiar style. When the consumer thinks the ad is over a ring gymnast shatters the Just Do It slogan that is display and pushes it even further.  of just getting start and moving on. In  Nike add a social aspect Just Do It. You never do it just for yourself. and thus picks up on current social trends at the right time. The spot stands for diversity and community. Our conclusion The claim has en running for over years. This is very significant and is one of the st advertising campaigns for us! The slogan is short and concise yet inspires to pursue your goals and push your limits. In addition he also clarifies Promotional Campaign Marlboro.

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This fits with the Just Do It motivation

The Malboro Man The Marlboro Man is one of the most famous advertising characters ever. The idea came from Leo Burnett. or more cowboys who KY Lists work hard ride self-determinly through the wilderness and carry little luggage other than a cigarette. Back then Marlboro was only bought by women so a brand character was creat that radiat masculinity independence and power. Marlboro was suppos to sell a true cowboy lifestyle. Since many men wish for such a life the advertisements were crown with success. Our conclusion The success of this campaign makes it clear once again what you as a marketer should definitely conside.

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