Marketing Conclusion It must  recogniz that both specialist departments do not have to work against each other but with each other. There is no other way to achieve the quintessence of successful sales marketing. tween the sales and marketing departments. Seminar Acquisition . Are you learning how to integrate digital lead management tools into your sales processes Then visit our seminar Acquisition . . Find out more about the content here or secure a place for the seminar now B B trade fairs – successful marketing measure B B trade fairs are one of the most effective marketing tools for companies. It’s no longer just about selling products but also about increasing awareness trade fairs are.

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The second most important marketing measure right hind the company website. Companies are given the opportunity to communicate and exchange Iceland Phone Number List ideas directly with market participants. A survey also reveal that they plan around % of their budget for such trade fairs in the future. These offer an ideal opportunity to get an overview of any company.-Businessdescris the business relationship tween at least two companies and thus differs from the business relationship tween company and customer abbreviation.

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Business-to-Consumer). prof dr Michael rnecker B B trade fairs Tasks of B B trade fairs In general a B B trade fair has to fulfill various functions or tasks and is KY Lists divid into three different areas. On the one hand there are business tasks. he company level. These are for example acquisition of new customers Presentation of new products sales opportunities customer care and networking On the other hand trade fairs also have economic tasks. They help create market transparency promote exports and create and maintain a market. The last area relates to social functions. This includes international understanding knowlge transfer and making contacts tween business and politics Many of these.

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