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To the s for mical reasons more precisely for psychotherapeutic purposes. Be it as a virtual psychotherapist (Eliza ) as a simulation of a person suffering from paranoid schizophrenia (Parry ) or with the use of methods of artificial intelligence (Jabberwacky ) these approaches had in common that they act purely textually. A chatbot first time in the s. The chatbot Smarterchild ( ) which is consider one of the models for Apple’s Siri was already able to conduct personaliz and humorous conversations and was therefore us in SMS and instant messaging. In IBM present the bot Watson which actually won.

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Quiz show in and is now also us for big data applications i.e. to draw conclusions from large amounts of data and thus help people to understand Cameroon Phone Number List them. that can understand and interpret voice commands and thus works like a personal assistant. In – Google Microsoft and Amazon launch similar bots with Google Now Cortana and Alexa . . Definition – What are chatbots actually So-call chatbots also call chatterbots or just bots are increasingly active in chatrooms but also outside of them . It is a word combination of chat an English term.

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For direct and individual communication on the Internet and robot. These simulate a real contact person and should provide answers that are as authentic KY Lists as possible. Prof. Dr. Michael Bernecker Chatbots are technical dialogue  people using natural language textually or audibly and thus simulate a real contact person and replace it with a robot. – Prof. Dr. Michael Bernecker MD of the German Institute for Marketing Chatbots basically consist of a text input and a text output mask. The dialogue system reacts and answers to questions ask by the user. A chatbot processes incoming texts in the manner of a full-text search. Some are programm in such a complex way that it is.

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