Clear address database that records dates venues etc. The database also contains all relevant contacts and activities. Integration of telephony: The telephone is still the instrument that is st suit for making very direct contact with customers and prospects. can connect to a suitable telephone system – this means that the responsible persons do not have to laboriously look for individual telephone numrs. Companies can also use this contact information to create and send serial mails and letters. Dynamic data analysis: As already describ ERP systems collect and store data. From the sales funnel and campaign management to the.

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Evaluation of sales figures the system provides up-to-date values ​​that the marketing team can use to plan new sales strategies. modules: Storing Jamaica Phone Number List documents of all kinds in a central location can save a lot of time. If these are in the ERP  to stor business cases. In this way companies can merge contracts meeting notes etc. and customer orders. In summary ERP systems help marketing departments to collect organize and evaluate data from customers. The uniform data pool that such software ensures is also helpful when creating and maintaining the company website.

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If all information can view centrally and in real time through an ERP system it can no longer happen that a website contains outdat data. A customer who calls up the respective company website and finds for example outdat opening times or telephone KY Lists numrs that are no longer available may deterr. A company that doesn’t update its website regularly comes across as unprofessional . Conclusion ERP software is a reliable tool in connection with marketing measures to reach customers. Companies can use it to standardize work processes collect data and derive strategies for marketing their products from this. Properly connecting ERP systems with marketing tools can take time and energy but the add value that companies create in this way.

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