Marketing Seminar Would you like to design and implement attractive content for your target group In the Content Marketing seminar you will learn everything you ne to know about your content strategy. Find out now about dates and contentMon content marketingin Cologne or onlineInform now Mon content marketingin Cologne or onlineInform now Legend:Free places available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book. White Paper – examples of efficient dissemination The first step must always  the definition of a concrete goal. What do you want to achieve.

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With the white paper  Here are some examples of relevant metricsRange Downloads opt-ins Calls new customers links as easy as possible for visitors to Ghana Phone Number List read your white paper . for example you shouldn’t ask for too much data when . Don’t forget that you are probably dealing with a prospect who does not know you and your offer. For example asking for an address is unusual and should  avoid as it ruces the registration rate. When it comes to the e-mail address you should only ask for this and possibly the surname. Banner Online Marketing Manager.

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Sign Ideally you design a landing page that is aim solely at distributing the white paper . Present the advantages for the visitor in a striking way and give KY Lists them as little opportunity as possible to  distract by other content. Use your own traffic effectively With your website you have already creat a valuable resource. People who are interest in you and your work cavort here. This is the perfect audience for your white paper. This is where you will most likely get a positive response so start here. Think about where you can cleverly point your readers to the white paper. This can happen for example across the board via a popup or in the sidebar of the website.

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