Are you facing Are you looking for a marketing consultant for new impulses and new paths do you ne feback on your concepts or do you want to take the shortcut to more reach interaction and growth with our marketing consultants  offer you relief and have specialist knowlge. Why make out yourself when you can call in marketing experts who with their experience know the professional shortcut. Prof. Dr. Michael rnecker Tel. Send an email Bastian FoersterBastian Foerster Phone Send an email Your name (mandatory field) Your email address (requir) Regarding your message DIM Our marketing consultants will happy to support.

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You with the following servicesbusiness development brand management sales strategies product launch marketing strategy communication strategy Kazakhstan Phone Number List Our marketing consultants have accompani companies from these sectors in recent yearsbanks ucation Building & living Industry (B B) Fashion & Sports IT & Telecom Brand consulting –  trademarks are protectable signs that distinguish products. In practice brands are one of your company’s most valuable assets. A brand is a monetary value in particular when consumers are willing to pay more for a lal product than for a no-name product simply cause of its existence.  view as innovative and high-quality products that are uniquely position in the consumer’s psyche. The additional nefit of the brand can felt to so strong that it dominates the.

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Brand and brand portfolios In theory

Product experience A strong brand generally has the following for the manufacturerAdvantages Differentiation from the competition customer KY Lists preferences Increase in customer loyalty Increasing the scope for pricing policy Promotion of innovation and minimization of innovation risks Improving the corporate image increase in value of the company Strengthening of bargaining power vis-à-vis traders and lenders On the other hand brands also offer a numr of advantages for consumers Orientation in our overstimulat world Relief in decision-making Quality assurance through the provenname.

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