Making a purchase. Nevertheless it is important that these can found on the portal if requir – at first glance. This is even requir by law for the imprint . At st this is a company with its headquarters in Germany cause a foreign imprint arouses a certain skepticism in many users. At the very least there should contact  own language. Furthermore there should more than one option for making contact and there should also variants that are as uncomplicat as possible. This can include a contact form e-mail support a service hotline or – very modern – customer support via chat or messenger. The customer must have the feeling that they.

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Always have a competent contact person for questions or problems. The quality of the services must also convincing if the worst comes to the Brazil Mobile Number List worst. Customer service is therefore often part of customer reviews and one of the most to building a serious image. basic rule for respectability is as simple as it is effective: correct spelling and grammar alone does not ensure that the online shop appears respectable but it is an indispensable basis for this . If you write in bad German you immiately come across as dubious and the inhibition threshold for potential buyers to make a purchase here is very high.

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It is certainly possible for a foreign platform to radiate great trustworthiness. Above all globally known brands can even nefit from their KY Lists internationality. However a correct translation and German-language support are all the more important in order to ruce user skepticism. Customer ratings also play an essential role here – it on the website itself in Internet forums or on independent test portals. Ratings and Social Proof However that does not mean that this social proof it through customer ratings or other measures is not also.

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